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Easy Like Sunday Morning...

Volume 1

Much how we like to start our week, our first blog post will be laid back and light. Check back weekly for insights for the week and to see what we're up to.

This week at work we are focusing on building our social media presence to grow our brand. We're not gonna's been HARD. We are committed to staying authentic to who we are so no influencers for us (no shade, for real) and no compromising our core values of offering clean, natural products. We're confident it will all be worth it. :)

This week at Home it's a double bedroom refresh! Fun, right? NO. Ever worked with an 11 year old?? Not only are they all over the place, but they are BROKE and that means you are, too, now.

Weekly Insight: For our first tip we want to keep in line with "firsts" with the inaugural launch of this blog and our website. Often it is overwhelming to begin something. Getting healthier. Getting organized. GETTING A BUSINESS STARTED. The most important thing you can do is START. Nothing will ever happen if you don't take that first step. Don't focus down the road at first, but focus on your first step. What can you do to ease into your effort? One small first step can lead to big results. You got this. *Note to self.*

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